medical-events newsletter, february 2010

Issue 11: february, 2010

ICRS 2010 - International Cartilage Repair Society Congress 2010

Montanyŕ Resort & Spa - 2 days conference program offer

medical-events newsletter, january 2010

Issue 10: january, 2010

Qmedic 2010

Agreement with the Illustrious College of Physicians of Madrid

medical-events newsletter, december 2009

Issue 9: december, 2009


Global Symposium on Vaginal Surgery 2010

medical-events newsletter, junio 2009

Issue 8: june, 2009

Astellas Fellow on Liver Transplant and Surgery

Le Meridien Penina: the Ultimate Resort.

medical-events newsletter, may 2009

Issue 7: may, 2009

Latest news in our business directory. Now, presents The Westin Valencia.

medical-events newsletter, march 2009

Issue 6: march, 2009

Presentation of our new business directory

newsletter medical congresses, April 2008

Issue 5: April, 2008

Now we send you the main congresses of your specialty for the next 3 months

newsletter medical congresses, January 2008

Issue 4: January, 2008

Now when accessing the summary of a conference can see a map showing the exact location of where it takes place.

See demo Cytoskeletal Signaling in Cancer.

newsletter medical congresses, November 2007

Issue 3: November, 2007

we are designing a new section to publish your news. If your are interested send us

We have 1,955 congresses published.

We are already more than 1,500 users in Medical-Events

newsletter medical congresses, June of 2007

Issue 2: June, 2007

The redesign of the site, oriented to improve the presentation of the information but demanded by our users appears.

It incorporates a fixed section with the visited medical congresses more during the last month.

Channels RSS for a greater interaction with the anonymous users, as well as with webmasters of other pages interested in publishing our contents are promoted.

newsletter medical congresses, april of 2007

Issue 1: April, 2007

First newsletter. Presentation of our main services.