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april 2007 


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medical-events.com begin in January of 2007; in this time they have been published more than 800 medical congresses, of infirmary and other professions related to the sanitary world.

To date it has more than 1500 subscriptions to our bulletins of alert of congresses. As of the next month of May, our subscribers will receive by electronic mail the alert with the programming of congresses of their interest for the following month.

In addition, some of the health webs, professional associations and schools of more excellent doctors have had the amiability to place connections to medical-events.com in their pages.


How medical-events.com works?

What we published?

In congresos-medicos.com hundreds of medical congresses, of infirmary and other professions related to the sanitary world are published, for each congress publish the essential data for the interested users: dates and place of celebration, organizer, technical secretariat, means of contact and more excellent documentation.

Who can publish?

Any registered user. The user registry requires a valid email and password, the rest of information is optional. The use of the service is free and gratuitous.

When is published?

In order to guarantee the quality of the information that is published, the writing of medical-events.com reviews the information provided by the users before its publication. Once reviewed and possibly completed, the information of the congress is available for all the users and the author of the publication receives an electronic mail warning of the publication.

How is located a congress?

Using the finder of congresses it will be able to select the events by area, country, dates or key words.

What services we offer?

For the sanitary professionals

  • information of hundreds of congresses updated
  • a publication tool easy to use
  • a directory of congresses organized by specialties
  • alerting service by specialties via email

For the professional organizers of events

  • all the general services
  • hard increase of the diffusion of its congresses
  • a monographic site, positioned very well in finders
  • development of pages Web and/or sites of its congresses

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