1. What is medical-events.com?
  2. Who can publish in medical-events.com?
  3. When my congresses will be published?
  4. Do I have to be registered for use medical-events.com?
  5. Why I have to be registered?
  6. What is RSS?


What is medical-events.com?

Medical-events.com is a site that publishes reviews of thousands of congresses, conferences, workshops and other events about health.



Who can publish in medical-events.com?

Any registered user can post congresses. Registering user only requires a valid email address and password, the other information is optional. The use of the service is free.



When my congresses will be published?

To ensure the quality of information that is available, congresos-medicos.com reviewed the information provided by users before publication. Once revised, and eventually completed, the information congress is available for all users. The author of the publication receives notification of its publication immediately.



Do I have to be registered for use medical-events.com?

Not. Anyone can have free access to the information published on this site. You can also subscribe to our feeds by specialties, the fastest way to learn the latest news about congresses published in medical-events.com.



Why I have to be registered?

Only registered users can post congresses.

Registered users receive in their e-mail alerts of the congresses of the specialties of interest

They also receive their mail in our periodic newsletter with information of interest to the community of registered users



What is RSS?

RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication (Rich Site Summary for some authors). It is a Web document format based on XML standard that allows sharing content with anyone who select.

User benefits

Its use is completely anonymous, does not have to provide any data to the editor of the web.

Each individually choose the channels to which they subscribe, in the case of medical-events every user selects specialty or specialties to choose to subscribe.

The RSS is automatically updated when there are changes in the content of the channel.

The user can access the contents of the RSS feed.

Finally, the user decides if want receive updates content, in our case when someone is not interested in the congresses of a particular specialty, simply eliminates channel your reader and automatically does not receive news.

Do I need to install something on my computer?

Normally, no. Programs news aggregators that are installed as desktop applications in the computer, but modern versions of the major browsers and mail clients allow subscription to RSS feeds without installing gadgets.

How do I use it?

Click your mouse over the icon on the specialty of their interest. Then follow the instructions of his client (RSS browser, usually), that's all.